facebook-text-based-mark-f-simmonsFacebook has been the primary social media platform for businesses of every size, that decide to invest in this thing we call social media. Sure, many others have popped up. Some platforms being more relevant than others, but Facebook has always been the foundation. Most any type of business can benefit from Facebook. Now that I’ve made that blanket statement, why does Facebook seem to be making it harder for businesses to utilize their platform?

Read on to find out.

The Precedent

First Facebook decided to force fans to take a second action, in addition to liking the page, in order to ensure they’d see content. In this move, many fans stopped seeing their favorite brands’ feeds because they didn’t “double-like” the page. Most of us didn’t know about it until the news started showing  up in our personal feeds. Interesting move by a company that relies on the consumer to drive ad revenues and the marketers that pay for those ads. Hmmm.

Next up, we find out that Facebook’s new algorithm gives preferential treatment to sponsored posts. If you thought you were getting traction with your free, organic posts, you really weren’t. In fact, only about 15% of your fans, on average, were seeing your content. No matter how great it is. Facebook decided that you’ll now need to pony up the cash in order for more people to see your content.


Now, in the past few days, we get news that Facebook is reducing the reach of text-based posts. This move is an obvious effort to improve the quality of the experience and it’s akin to Google favoring search results that have more “buzz” around them, however that may be measured. It’s about the experience and I get that. Actually, I’ve been touting the need for more image and video content on Facebook. It’s what get results. That’s not new. It’s just that Facebook took a formal stance on the issue as a result of the data (shameless #SmartData plug). NBC News has additional perspective on the news story.

What does it all mean?

Well, now if you want to get the true value of Facebook, you’ve got to play be their rules. That means creating visually appealing content that users want to consume. That means measuring the responses and interactions to determine what content works and what doesn’t work. Then using this data to promote your content. Consider it a free focus group that basically tells you what they like and what they don’t. Assuming, of course, that you’ve been building a targeted fan base in the first place.

Put all the pieces together and you should be able to see a marked improvement in engagement and sales. Social media is all about making connections, speaking the language and delivering value. Fire on all cylinders and you’ll see the results. Misfire and you’ll be stuck wondering why your hard work isn’t getting the results you want.

Still need a little direction? I can help you decipher the Facebook puzzle. Just contact me and let’s talk.


Yours in success,


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