average-fan-page-post-reach-visibilityFacebook has recently decided to change the way they treat updates on business pages. This change has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of fans that actually see your updates. These numbers can be as low as 10%! Now that you know this, there is a solution – and Facebook wants you to pay for it.

Continue reading to find out how to manage this problem.

You spend time creating content. Some of this content works better than others and gets a lot of traction. Other posts seem to get very little. The point of this post is not to explain how to create great content, but to tell you what to do when you have, and how to capitalize from it.

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Now that you’ve created that magic update that has a good deal of likes, comments and shares, it’s time to take advantage. Knowing that Facebook is favoring paid ads and updates, it’s the only way to get more exposure from your effort. Yes, a good update will get solid reach within your existing fan base, but you always want to be growing that fan base. You can rely on fans to share your updates, or you can take greater control of the situation.

Sponsored posts allow you to take your best content and increase the reach. You can construct the ad to target geographically, by certain demographics and by interests. This way, you are reaching out to your target audience with content you already know is appealing. This is based on the assumption that your fans are fans because they see value in what you provide and they showed their approval of your content by liking and commenting. It’s all about the data as I often say.

“Like” ads have fallen out of favor because of the shift to mobile. I challenge you this: How many of you are reading this on your laptop or your mobile device (tablet or phone)? Leave me a message in the comments area and lets see how it plays out. The issue with the traditional ads that appear on the right is that as people shift to using Facebook on their mobile devices, they don’t see those ads. They’re much less effective. By contrasts promoted posts and sponsored story ads show up in mobile timelines prominently. As long as you’re providing great content, you’ll get traction and new fans.

In short, Facebook changed the rules on us. We can continue along with the old plan and hope it works or adapt. The old plan results in much less exposure while the new plan increases costs, but it doesn’t have to be a huge increase. Sponsored posts are variably priced so you can set your limits. The beautiful thing about this technique is that your ad’s already been market tested and you’re just boosting its exposure. It’s like using a focus group for free then blasting out the resulting ad. Try it out with a small amount then measure the results. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

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