holiday-ecommerce-mark-f-simmonsThe holidays are upon us and for months eCommerce businesses have been readying themselves for a significant increase in revenue thanks to the seasonal shopping activities of consumers. The revenue generated for these businesses during the holidays also helps them get off to a strong start during the upcoming New Year. The online storefronts that are the most successful adhere to the top 5 holiday best practices for eCommerce businesses.

1. Customer Service is Key

Consumers are more sentimental during the holidays which leads to an increase in spending, however they also expect excellent service; the eCommerce site that understands the importance of stellar customer service will not only increase revenue but create customers for life. If you give your customers less than satisfactory customer service during the holidays you can count on them not being return customers. Besides easy communication and on time delivery, special touches like a warm note or festive holiday wrapping will go a long way toward impressing online holiday shoppers.

2. A Seamless Shopping Experience

eCommerce brands need to make the online holiday shopping experience as seamless as possible. Not only will this boost profits, it will turn one time buyers into repeat buyers. Today’s consumers appreciate the conveniences and savings of shopping online over brick and mortar options which is why successful eCommerce businesses do whatever they can to create a hassle free shopping experience.

3. Shipping Rewards

The majority of online shoppers don’t mind increasing their orders if it gets them free shipping; a great perk for eCommerce businesses. Online storefronts that set reasonable buying thresholds that aren’t overly priced will get more than their fair share of holiday buyers that are more than happy to spend a bit more money to get free delivery.

4. Provide the Ability to Track Packages

eCommerce businesses should always offer the ability to track packages orders. Shipping companies are always busier during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays and because of this increase in activity, there’s always a chance that consumers may not receive their online orders in time which leads to frustration. Having said that, by providing shoppers with tracking information they’ll be able to track their purchases to confirm when they, or the person they’re shipping the package to, will receive the purchase. The majority of online shoppers today expect to receive the tracking information so it’s crucial that the service is offered.

5. Don’t Forget About Mobile Marketing

Have you ever noticed how many people are constantly on their smart phones these days? It’s incredible! In 2013, mobile devices accounted for over 16% of eCommerce holiday sales and the numbers are predicted to be significantly higher this year. Since more and more consumers are researching and purchasing items on their tablets and mobile devices these days, it’s important that you make it easy for them to do the same with your eCommerce site.

While a lot of people today still enjoy the festive feeling of shopping in their local brick and mortar stores, it’s apparent that a growing number of consumers prefer to stay home and avoid the crowds during the holidays and do the majority of their shopping online.

Are there other tactics you’ve found to be hidden gems? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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