By now you’ve more than likely seen Google Shopping doing its thing, even though you didn’t realize it. When you type a product search into Google, its shopping feature feeds the results of your search in the window that pops up, displaying an assortment of the product you typed in that are for sale, including photos and prices.

What you don’t know is how you’re missing significant revenue by not taking advantage of this simple strategy….

In the beginning, the retailers represented were the big boys in the industry. Now, Google is starting to include a lot more small businesses in the results because they want to make it possible for small businesses to have great results on its platform. Google recognizes that in order to succeed, small business owners need to be able to compete with huge online retailers without having to spend high amounts that they simply can’t afford.

Increased Costs but Reduced Competition
When Google Shopping changed to a paid system, integrating securely into AdWords, the costs went up for advertisers. The good news is that it reduced competition for those that invested early on. These forward thinking advertisers recognized that this could potentially be one of the most financially rewarding forms of digital advertising for e-commerce retailers ever.

Google for Retail
If you sell products online, you already know that simply having them listed on your website isn’t going to generate the profits you need to not just stay in business but achieve financial success.

If you sign up for Google Shopping, you’ll be able to almost instantly get your products online, in front of consumers who are ready to buy what you have to offer. Using Google for Retail, you’ll also be able to synchronize Google Shopping with additional Google products, including AdWords. The service also provides a wealth of additional valuable data, which includes how much you pay per click, how much your e-commerce storefront brings in, and how effective your keywords are when it comes to getting clicks. If you’re a member of Google for Retail, you’ll also be able to apply to be a “Google Trusted Store”, a badge of honor that’ll appear on Google Shopping listings.

The Biggest Advantage of Google Shopping
One of the primary benefits of Google Shopping is that it positions product images (thumbnail size) in front of consumers. This is particularly important for retailers that are focused on design, including graphic designers, clothing shops and jewelers.

Your Digital Showroom
By using Google searches as a digital showroom, you’ll be able to cut costs by as much as half per lead, meaning an increased return on investment when compared to other web-based channels. Whether you’re an e-commerce or multi-channel business, Google Shopping provides a one stop portal where you can also learn about Google’s solutions for retail stores of all sizes. Google is known for providing a wealth of in-depth resources for small business businesses, helping them better reach the immeasurable amount of potential customers that are searching their products online and from any device.

There’s no doubt that Google Shopping is leading the way for e-commerce to a more profitable future, thanks to its image based ease of use and thoughtful optimization for mobile users. As a certified Google AdWords professional, I can help you navigate these profitable waters As a certified Google Analytics professional, I can help you understand its impact and how to increase it. Time to chat?

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