Social Media Isn’t Just For Funny Cat Videos

    It’s also for businesses like yours. Social media is often misunderstood, and as a result, avoided. Big mistake. It’s simply a matter of developing the right strategy to reach your customers, where they spend their time online. Believe me, they’re there, and I can help you connect with them. Maybe it’s time to revisit your social media strategy or to revamp your existing one. Either way, I’ve got the experience and know-how to make it work for you.

    What I Do For You

    (and your #SocialROI)

    • Training – I provide the knowledge and tools to equip those who want to manage social media themselves
    • Auditing – Complete review of social media accounts and strategy to identify issues and opportunities
    • Community Management – Strategy development, content generation, response management and reporting
    • Social Advertising – Setup, management, optimization and reporting for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter ads
    • Social Selling – How to leverage social media channels for business development and lead generation

    • Analytical – I rely heavily on the data to make smarter decisions
    • Business-Minded – I approach each campaign as if it were my own money
    • Proactive – I constantly make recommendations to improve performance
    • Invested – I aim to be your marketing partner, for the long-term
    • *Contract Free– I work with pre-payments and no contracts (*in most cases)
    • Low Commitment – Month-to-Month w/ 30 day out

    The Difference In My Approach

    Why You Should Hire Me

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    What Clients Have To Say

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