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    Digital marketing is effective, measurable, and constantly changing. Either you learn the skills and keep up with trends—or you get left behind.

    Let’s sharpen your digital edge.

    @DigitalEdgeU is your comprehensive crash course in digital marketing. Whether you’re a small business owner or startup just getting your feet wet or a seasoned pro looking for advanced knowledge, our engaging and interactive lessons translate complex topics into easy-to-understand language—on your schedule.

    Course Formats:

    Your calendar is full and your time is valuable. We get it. And maybe you’re not just learning for yourself—maybe you’ve got a team to train. That’s why we offer our courses in a variety of formats, to suit every need and schedule:

      • One-on-one: Whether you come to us, we go to you, or we schedule a GoToMeeting, this format is perfect for someone looking for more personal, detailed attention.
      • Group workshops: Prefer a group setting? Our cost-effective group workshops mix lectures with interactive learning that includes practical, real-life examples of industry best practices.
      • On-demand digital course modules: Ideal for learners tight on time and on budget, or for anyone who just likes to learn at their own pace. Our engaging videos are broken up into several organized modules, meaning you can access them wherever, and whenever, you’ve got the time.

      Available Courses:

      Upcoming Courses:

      • Fundamentals of Social Media
      • Fundamentals of Web Analytics
      • Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing / Lead Generation
      • Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy
      • PPC Measurement & Optimization
      • PPC for E-Commerce
      • Social Media Advertising
      • Advanced Lead Generation Strategy (Marketing Automation)
      • Social Selling for Sales & Business Development
      • Advanced Web Analytics