Every week, I’ll be sharing the stories and news I find interesting from the digital world.  This week had its share of insightful happenings. In this installment, I discuss the now infamous Facebook outage, Twitter’s pending IPO and a first look at Instagram ads.

The Facebook Outage

On Monday, Facebook made headlines. Now for a new privacy feature (or lack therof), not a new announcement from King Zuckerberg, but for going down. Facebook experienced an outage that took away major functionality, on a global basis for several hours. During this time, affected users could not post updates or pics.

Here’s what Facebook had to say:

facebook outage


Funny that the date at is September 2010, but the comments are all  October 21, 2013. In any case, this caused a major stir in the world of social media as users took to Twitter to post their updates as explained in this CNBC video:

Snafu or sign of bigger problems?

Twitter’s IPO

Twitter’s IPO isn’t exactly news, but the intended share price is. According to Mashable, Twitter will open at $17 to $20 a share and try to raise $1B. In comparison to Facebook, which opened at $38 a share and raise $16B. The question everyone’s asking (or thinking) is what will happen after they open? Is Twitter a good investment.



Of course, I don’t know. I’m a marketer, not a financial analyst nor fortune teller. If Facebook is any indication, then it could be a good buy – for the long term. But I’m not here to dispense investment advice. I am keenly interested in what will unfold. In my mind, Facebook differed in that it was profitable before going public while Twitter is not quite profitable yet. Who knows. Maybe it will mimic Facebook and dip and rebound. If you do invest, please leave a comment and share your story.

Check out this short video from the NY Times.

Instagram Unveils Ads

We knew it was coming. How else do you monetize? Well, Instagram shared a glimpse of what the ads will look like (courtesy of Mashable). Do you agree with the decision to run ads? I have to say that I’m not a huge fan, but it also doesn’t surprise me. Eventually, every successful startup has to generate revenue, right?

Please share your comments below!

instagram ads