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    Marketing can be frustrating. There’s so many choices, tools and networks to choose from. It can be overwhelming and expensive but It doesn’t have to be.

    I’ve got a knack for making things simple, a passion for solving problems and a fixation on numbers and accountability. This is what makes me good at what I do for you. I take the approach of a true partner, as if it were my own money.

    There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with developing a strategy or implementing one. You just need to decide that your time is better spent running and growing your business. Not trying to learn something with a very steep learning curve.

    Here’s How I Help You Get Ahead & Grow Your Business

    I believe that today’s entrepreneurs must take advantage of digital marketing to keep up with and overtake the competition.

    How can you do this while actually running your business, without marketing knowledge and experience and while raising a family or tending to other commitments?

    Instead of digging through books, reading inaccurate websites and wasting valuable time trying to do things yourself…

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    About Mark Simmons

    The Early Years

    I’ve been a digital marketer since the early 2000’s and the days of Overture (pre-Yahoo Search). After spending my commensurate four years matriculating the halls of Duke University, I quickly landed a financial services job in NYC. I got my initial digital start while working for an insurance company that suddenly decided they wanted to sell term life online. Long story short, I had to learn Google Adwords on the fly. It was great experience and I’ve always enjoyed acquiring my skills in a hands on manner.

    Agency Life

    After some time there and then with a competitor, it was time to move on and obtain my agency experience. I was tapped by Reprise Media as an account manager and exposed to some really great client accounts. Adidas Taylormade, Turner Broadcasting e-Marketer, WorldWinner, Scientific American and Warner Home Video were some of the accounts for which I managed PPC or pay per click marketing. I enjoyed my time in Union Square and met some really great people while absorbing the finer points of our industry like a sponge. My next stop was Acronym Media, another search engine marketing agency, located in the Empire State Building. Here I was placed on accounts such as SAP, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, BMW, Sirius Satellite Radio and Wharton School of Business to name a few. Social media and SEO were added to the skill sets and I was fortunate enough to have worked on the SAP B2B lead gen team that was a finalist for the 2008 ClickZ Marketing Excellence Award for Search Ad Management.

    The Life of an Entrepreneur

    In 2009, I decided to venture out on my own and begin building my own future. Initially, an independent consultant, I had the vision of one day standing at the helm of a thriving agency. Along the way I realized that was not going to be necessary to achieve my goals in life. In February of the same year, I started marCis Interactive which would be re-branded as Mixed Digital in 2010 when I took on a former Acronym colleague as partner. As co-founders (of Mixed Digital), we developed a philosophy we fondly call the #DigitalLifestyle. At its foundation, the premise is to take advantage of the lifestyle digital marketing affords and share that ideal with the people you work with (or that work for you). The end result is purpose, greater satisfaction and exceptional client results.

    Mixed Digital and I are fortunate to call Target Logistics, MediPro, Rocky Mountain Oils, Beyu Caffe, Body Language Tattoo and the Durham Hub Farm clients. I’m also glad to have worked with such innovative companies as ZYR Vodka, NYC BestBars, Arrive Chic and VMX Technologies as well as my alma mater, Duke – well, Fuqua to be specific.

    Currently, I’m committed to creating great content that can be used by anyone from the local business owner to the experienced in-house marketer looking for a slight edge. Check out my blog for commentary, stories and solid information. My new video series, The Digital Edge, can be found on my freshly minted YouTube channel but I save my best material for my email subscribers. Eventually, I’ll offer premium e-guides and virtual training on this site as well.

    Of course, I continue to provide high quality campaign management for my clients. I additionally offer marketing consulting and training, am always on the available for speaking engagements and enjoy sharing my knowledge. Check out my adwords-certified-professional-mark-f-simmons Google Adwords & Google Analytics Certification certificates and feel free to connect through one my various social media channels above or directly via the contact page.

    The Coming Years….

    It’s an exciting journey. One filled with great success in addition to the anxieties of being an entrepreneur. After more than four and half years as an entrepreneur, I’m still standing firm and poised to make the next half decade really count. I proudly call Durham, NC my home along with my wife, daughter and two dogs (mutts really). I’m a Cameron Crazie, an avid poker player (just ask me and I’ll talk your ear off), proud NY Giants fan, a newly minted organic “farmer” (I just love fresh produce) and always up for great conversation over coffee (usually at Beyu Caffe), Skype or Hangout. I look forward to meeting you and discussing the merits of multi-channel attribution modeling or Google Hummingbird. Let’s see where this takes us!

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